Watch below video to learn more about the Warrior X Turbo


The Warrior X Turbo is a new tactical thrower that produces 1100-lumen output, 1000-meter throw and 12.5-hour runtime at maximum in its compact body.

It retains the simple and aggressive tactical design, magnetic tail switch and vibration low battery indication of the Warrior Series.

With its amazing performance and rich optional accessories, the Warrior X Turbo is an ideal lighting tool for hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement and outdoor activities.


⋙⋙ Far-reaching light beam

In its compact body, the Warrior X Turbo delivers 1000 lumens output and 1100 meters throw at maximum.

1000 lumens and 1100 meters throw

⋙⋙ Higher-capacity of battery

1000 lumens output and 12.5 hours runtime powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery.

olight warrior x turbo

⋙⋙ Flexible Assembly

Warrior X Turbo can be assembled the Odin push-to-lock remote pressure (optional accessory), X-WM03 the weapon mount (optional accessory), and its tail cap can be swapped with the Warrior X Pro.

olight warrior x turbo

⋙⋙ Born to be Tactical

From the aggressive bezel, chiseled body design, vibrating low battery indication to the quiet tail switch, the Warrior X Turbo stands out in tactical lights.

olight warrior x turbo

⋙⋙ Proper Tactical Size

It delivers an ultra-far throw from a compact body, and enjoys rich accessories thus applicable in more scenarios, equal to most demanding tasks.

olight warrior x turbo

⋙⋙ Better Experience to Explore

The Warrior X Turbo is a new tactical thrower that produces a far-reaching light beam.

olight warrior x turbo