Watch below video to learn more about the Open 2


The Open 2 is Olight's very first penlight, a torch and pen combo, ideal for nighttime reading and writing, perfect gift for family and friends and application in any field. 

Single-click the switch at the top to activate the light, it can deliver 4 levels of brightness from 5 lumens to 120 lumens. 

Charged via USB type-C cable in less than 1 hour but it delivers up to 120 lumens and 10 hours runtime. 

A simple action through L-type bolt to extends and retracts the ball point pen. 

The OPEN 2 is durable and lightweight (only 1.34oz/38g) for everyday carry on duty, patrol, in the journey, etc.


✔ Beautifully Crafted

High quality retractable ball point pen with a well-balanced body, comfortable grip and a smooth mechanism.  

Olight 120 Lumens Penlight Black

✔ Widely Use

Perfect gift to your family and application in any field.

✔ Torch and Pen Combo

Olight’s first penlight, the light and pen can work separately, ideal for nighttime writing and reading. 

✔ Always Ready

Charging via USB type-C cable in less than 1 hour but it delivers up to 120 lumens and 10 hours runtime.

✔ Quick Action

A simple action extends and retracts the ball point pen. Ideal for jotting down notes, reminders or for signing a signature.

✔ Loyal Friend

Lightweight (38g/1.34oz) for everyday carry. Stainless steel pocket clip tightly clamped with shirts or jeans pocket makes the Open 2 suitable for outdoor use.