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Featuring an 800-meter spotlight beam from the central LED, and a 14000-lumen floodlight beam from 12 surrounding LEDs. Flip the toggle switch to choose between each light form. And rotate the knob switch to adjust output. Quick and simple. Powered by a built-in 54Wh rechargeable battery pack, it enjoys an extended runtime and may serve as a power bank. Safest in its class as it has a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to protect against overheating and obstruction. Silicone surface for a solid grip; hidden lanyard hole for portability; indicators to reveal brightness level, battery level, and charging status. The USB-C port itself is waterproof and it is shielded against dust by an aperture-blade-style port cover that can be opened and closed by twisting the tail cap.


Marauder 2 powerful flashlight 14000 lumens

Marauder 2 can quickly switch spotlight or floodlightPowerful flashlight that can easily adjust output power

Marauder 2 with powerful power supply

Marauder 2 with high security

Marauder 2 has smart unlocking and locking

The newly designed Marauder 2 high lumen powerful flashlight

Marauder 2 with high waterproof performance