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To find an outstanding thrower, you can't go wrong with the Javelot Series, and the Javelot Pro 2 is no exception. 

Thanks to the high-performance LED and deep reflector, it provides an unparalleled output of up to 2500 lumens with a beam distance of 1050 meters. Imagine that, when you turn on your torch, it can light up distant objects far away from 1 kilometre. Whether you are hunting or searching or exploring, you will see what you need to. In addition, the visualized 4-level battery and brightness level indicators around the side switch are ideal for users to read at a single glance. Moreover, the price is another reason you can't miss this thrower, the same price as the Javelot Pro, but brighter and longer run-time. 

Make sure a Javelot Pro 2 on your next hunt/search/explore.

Watch Video - Olight Javelot Pro 2


>>> Javelot Pro 2

>> Javelot Pro 2 is an ultra-bright long distance light.

>>> See Your Target Clearly

>> With a high-performance LED and deep reflector, it provides an unparalleled output of up to 2500 lumens with a beam distance of 1050 meters.

>>> Dual Switches

>> The dual-stage tail switch allows quick and easy access to basic settings, while the side switch can be used to intuitively cycle through 4 brightness levels.

>>> Visual Indicators

>> The 4-level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch display the battery and brightness status in real time.

>>> Handheld and Mountable

>> Besides holding it in your hand, you can also install it on your long setups with an optional mount.

>>> Dual-ouput Remote Control

>> Supports the dual-button remote switch. Access turbo or low output directly without breaking your grip.

>>> Rechargeable Battery Pack

>> The 10000 mAh seperable battery pack can be easily recharged via the USB magnetic charging cable.

>>> Olight Product Story

>> Javelot Pro 2 - Stable Performance Ensured