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Olight i5T Brass | Watch Below Video To Learn More


i5T Brass Limited Edition- 300 Lumens Tail Switch EDC Torch

i5T EOS Brass is a tail switch EDC torch powered by a single AA battery with an amazing max output of 300 lumens.

Double helix body knurling offers you an excellent ventilation and solid grip.

Equipped with a high-performance LED paired with a PMMA optic lens, it produces a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use.

The i5T EOS can be carried in a pocket, or attached to a hat brim or backpack strap for a better hands-free experience.


⋙⋙ i5T Brass Limited Edition

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch

⋙⋙ Made in Dazzling Brass

Dazzling Brass material makes the i5T Brass more vintage and wear resistant.

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch

⋙⋙ Small but Powerful

Powered by a convenient and widely available single AA battery producing an output of 300 lumens.

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch

⋙⋙ Unique Knurling Style

Double helix body knurling for unique style and solid grip.

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch

⋙⋙ Super easy carrying experience

Two-way clip makes it easy for carrying in a pocket or attaching to a hat or strap.

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch

⋙⋙ Highly integrated tail switch

Operate momentary on and quick mode shifting all through a convenient tail switch.

olight i5t,i5t brass,edc torch